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Symbols - Poster

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"Whoever destroys a single life destroys the entire world; whoever saves a single life saves the world entire."
—The Talmud, an ancient collection of commentary about Jewish Law

During and prior to World War II, Hitler’s Nazi party used variations on the triangle to identify citizens and prisoners in concentration camps according to religion, ideology, sexual orientation and numerous other distinctions. Some, but certainly not all, of these symbols were: Yellow Star of David - Jews; Purple Triangle - Jehovah’s Witnesses; Red Triangle - Political Prisoners; Black Triangle - Asocials and Lesbians; Brown Triangle - Gypsies; Pink Triangle - Homosexuals; Blue Triangle - Emigres.

This piece is featured at Holocaust Museums internationally. The symbols represent some, but not all, of the ways the Nazis categorized WWII concentration camp prisoners. 

Many prisoners wore a combination of symbols; there were also markings which designated repeat offenders, flight risks, country of origin, etc.

This poster made possible by Debbie and Al Gaynes in memory of her grandfather, Chaim Ariyeh Chasan, who perished in Vilna in October, 1941.

Available as a postcard, notecard and poster. The poster measures 13.5 by 23.5 inches.